Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYC Tour Recap 2

Another agency on our tour that really stood out to me was Vayner Media. Vayner is a start-up social media and digital agency that just celebrated their 3rd year anniversary. The company was founded by business guru Gary Vaynerchuk. Everyone who gave the presentation at Vayner was extremely nice and informative. I’m impressed by how much the company seems to accomplish through simply using social media. It’s inspiring to see the passion that most of the employees have for the work that they are doing. When I graduate, I definitely want to work around people who love their work because they put more effort into it and achieve better results.

NYC Tour Recap 1

The first agency on our tour that really stood out and spoke to me was 360i. We were introduced to two University of Georgia alumni, and they told us all about 360i and why they loved it. All advertising agencies have interesting offices, but 360i’s was particularly cool and innovative. The spaces were open and free flowing, but they didn’t feel like you were going to bump your neighbor every time you turn around. I loved how 360i mostly concentrated on digital advertising. In today’s society, it is not only cheaper, but it is a more effective form of advertising than some traditional options. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Return from NYC

            So I just got back from my advertising agency tour trip in NYC. It’s crazy to be back in Georgia after a week in the city. It’s also crazy hot. When did the temperature start skyrocketing? Come on Mother Nature, it’s only May- give us a break.
             My trip to NYC was amazing. It basically just reinstated the fact that I’m definitely moving to New York after I graduate from college. Almost every advertising agency in the United States has their hub in New York, and it’s the place that I want to be. I can’t wait to finish school and get back to the city.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ads on Kindle Fire

Amazon recently announced that they might start displaying advertisements on the welcome screens of their Kindle Fires. The article, by Adage, mostly discusses the implications of the clients. It discusses if the high cost of 600k is worth the advertisement space. However, I wonder the impact it will have on the consumers of the Kindle. Once of the reasons that my mother loves her Kindle is that she claims it is like having a real book. The only diference is that she can carry around hundreds of books with her at one time as opposed to lugging suitcases of paperbacks. But placing advertisements on the welcome screen of the Kindle will slowly degrade this experience. I believe it might possibly lead to a downhill slope- once advertisements are placed on the welcome screen- maybe they will also be placed on the pages of texts of the actual novel. I think Amazon is stepping into dangerous territory with this new plan.